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The International Journal of CHILD NEUROPSYCHIATRY is a peer-reviewed journal providing useful, easy-to-read clinical and basic scientific information for practicing child neurologists and psychiatrists. Each article should bring together the best scientific evidence accumulated on a topic, providing a synthesis of findings that have practical application.


Editorial Policies


Articles and Suggested topics for publications include: Case Reports, Original Research work, Short Communications, Comments, Opinions and Reviews and Letters to the Editor.




In preparing your manuscript, please follow these guidelines:

Title: The title should be explanatory of the papers' content, and promise a benefit or pose a challenge to the reader.

Abstract: summarize the article in no more than 250 words. Taken together, the title and abstract should compel your colleagues to read on.

Length: Between 2,000 and 2,500 words (9 to12 typed pages, double-spaced), excluding references, tables, charts and figures. Be concise and don’t say in ten words what could be said in two or three.

Tables and charts: Include tables or charts to make your article clear. (A table or chart can make your manuscript more concise by presenting potentially complex or voluminous clinical or statistical information as a single, self-contained graphic.) Figures titles come below figures, table titles come above the table.

If applicable, please also devise and include an algorithm or flowchart that illustrates the evidence-based approach to diagnosis or treatment that you describe in the article.

Clinical photos: These are used if such images effectively drive home the article's point (e.g., a photo showing self-mutilation on a suicidal patient). Photos of brain scans will be considered if the pertinent finding is evident. Be sure to clearly label each illustration. Avoid indenting photos with paper clips.

References: Provide references; cite them in numerical order in the text. Use Index Medicus abbreviations for journal names. Please follow the Vancouver style, described in the “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals”.

References should be numbered in order of appearance using Arabic numerals in superscript.


The following are sample styles:


Journal article: Brierley B, Medford N, Shaw P, David AS: Emotional memory and Perception in temporal lobectomy patients with amygdala damage. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2004; 75: 593-599.


Published abstract: Olney RK, Aminoff MJ: Diagnostic sensitivity of different electrophysiologic techniques in Guillain-Barré syndrome [abstract]. Neurology 1989; 39 (suppl 1):354. etc.


Disclosure: Include a statement at the end of the manuscript addressing affiliations or financial arrangements with any company whose medication is mentioned in your article, or with any company that manufactures or distributes a competing product. If no such conflict exists, simply state, "The author reports no financial relationship with any company whose products are mentioned in this article, or with manufacturers of competing products."


Author biography: Do not send a full CV. Instead, state your current academic appointment(s) just below your byline. For example:


Joseph Jones, MD
Associate professor, department of psychiatry
Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC


Article Preparation


Prepare the article as a Word document and  submit it online: or send it to us as an e-mail attachment to And/Or


If you cannot send your article electronically, mail a printout, CD and accompanying photographs, to:

The International Journal of CHILD NEUROPSYCHIATRY

24, Yousef Abbas St., Fl# 501, Nasr City, Postal Code: 11371, Cairo, Egypt

Tel.: +2-010-6827120



Be sure to clearly label each illustration; avoid indenting photos with paper clips.

Manuscripts are subject to peer review and editing. Often the editors will ask authors to work with them on revising the article prior to publication. You will be asked to review the edited version in time to make necessary corrections.




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